SkyMirr Inc. Develops Advanced RF Technology for Bio-Tech Medical Breakthrough

Accepts First Purchase Order for New Bio-Medical RF Product For Use in Health Metrics Tracking Device

MELBOURN, FLORIDA, US, July 12, 2022 / — SkyMirr, Inc. (, an RF technology startup based in Florida, is pleased to announce its latest Bio-Medical RF product, MAEP103, an ultra-small antenna that allows monitoring devices to transmit patient’s critical bio/health information, has been released.

SkyMirr’s CEO, Eric (Youngmin) Jo notes: “A leading Asian Bio-Tech company contacted us with a challenge to provide a high-performing RF solution for its medical tracking unit. They explained other companies had difficulties to deliver the product at the desired performance and small size level they needed. We provided customized solutions to meet their requirement. We are thrilled they selected us and have already placed their first customer Purchase Order for the new product.”

“The worldwide market for this application is large and growing, with a forecasted volume of several hundred thousands of units in use per month” notes Chris Morton, Co-Founder of SkyMirr. “We understand the valuable improvements RF technology can offer for medical and health innovation. Imagine a future with technology that simplifies unobtrusive access to monitoring critical health data in real time. SkyMirr plans to expand our research and product portfolio to provide high-performing RF solutions for the emerging, wide range of medical applications.” SkyMirr provides innovative RF technologies that enable a wide range of customer applications including: medical devices, life science, FWA (Fixed Wireless Access), Automotive, Mobile communications, IoT, and Smart homes and cities. Our talented team works closely together to create smart solutions for the future.”

SkyMirr, Inc. is incorporated under the laws of Florida, US and develops innovation RF technology products and solutions to advance higher- performing wireless communication. SkyMirr’s R&D efforts expand into uses to contribute to valuable medical devices and a wide array of other promising uses.

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