Applying AI-Driven Wireless Technology in the Internet of Things to Solve Problems in Energy, Biomedical, and Communications

Over the past decade or so, the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) has gained significant popularity worldwide for many applications, referring to  a network of various devices equipped with sensors as well as data integration and management software, communicating with each other, often wirelessly. However, there is still one significant barrier to fully unlock the utility of IoT, which is communication via radio frequency (RF) links, due to interference and signal degradation over distance.

According to SkyMirr, a company that designs, develops, and manufactures high-performance AI-Designed RF solutions worldwide, there are numerous problems in the fields of energy, biomedical, and communications that the world faces today.

Despite groundbreaking advancements in digital communications worldwide, there still exist significant challenges in the developing world, especially when it comes to internet connectivity. Around 37% of the global population has no internet access, most of them located in low-income economies across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. These people face various technical and infrastructural hurdles, preventing them from taking advantage of advanced communication technologies for learning and business.

In the field of energy, many oil production sites in the Middle East and North America are located in harsh desert areas, making them difficult to manage. Meanwhile, monitoring residences’ energy consumption can be labor-intensive and expensive for utility companies, as they have to employ thousands of people to read the electric meters of each household.

Meanwhile, in the biomedical field, there is a growing market for embedded health monitors, such as blood sugar meters, as frequent drawing of blood is painful, while other methods may not be as accurate. Oncologists and researchers are also experimenting with using wireless implants in cancer treatments, with the devices controlling the exact dose of radiation needed to help kill cancer cells.

SkyMirr CEO Eric (Youngmin) Jo says that the key to overcoming the problems in these areas is improving the performance of wireless technology. Jo argues that while industry-standard chipsets are always necessary, it is the performance of the RF link that differentiates one solution from another and fully unlocks the power of IoT for these critical applications.

In many applications, the necessary presence of multiple antennas results in reduced performance. This happens due to the electromagnetic energy creating negative coupling effects between these antennas that are co-located and confined in a small area. To address this, SkyMirr created its Multi-Layer Coupling Controlled Antenna Technology (MuLCAT®), which uses positive couplings to maximize system performance, resulting in significantly improved bandwidth, radiation efficiency, gain, and recognition distance.

The challenge is that those couplings are not visible, therefore it is very hard to design the structure to optimize the couplings in a positive way. That is why SkyMirr has implemented AI (Artificial Intelligence) to drive its MulCAT system. AI designs the structure to have positive couplings to maximize the system performance by adjusting the parameters in the structure.

By using AI-Designed MulCAT, SkyMirr was able to implement a solution for critical IoT areas. For example, SkyMirr developed a product for wireless electricity consumption monitoring for a major Korean utilities company, through its Energy Monitoring Antenna (TAEP115), saving thousands of manpower hours just to read the electric meters. Its technology can be adapted to work in harsh environments such as deserts and oceans, making it applicable for use in remote oil extraction facilities.

Meanwhile, SkyMirr’s Biomedical Monitoring Antenna (MAEP103), which measures just 1 millimeter, has been used in blood sugar monitoring implants, meeting the exact size and performance specifications of the client, while producing the signal strength necessary to reach external monitors effectively and accurately.

SkyMirr is also working to bring 5G internet access to up to 30 million people in Africa through its SkyMirr 5G/4G Wireless CPE (TCPA107). According to Skymirr, its MulCAT technology has five times better signal sensitivity, two times better efficiency, and up to three times wider bandwidth. This results in two times farther connection distance, and two times less transmission power consumption. With MulCAT technology many such regions can circumvent the unavailability of land-based broadband solutions such as fiber optic.

In less than two years since its founding in December 2021, SkyMirr has launched 10 products while filing nine patent applications . SkyMirr has recorded over 3,000% year-to-year revenue growth as well.

According to Jo, his motivation to found SkyMirr came from wanting to help improve people’s lives with innovative RF technology. There is also a personal component to it, as he has high blood sugar and a family history of cancer, and he believes that IoT technology can greatly help people in managing or treating these conditions. Having an academic background in both RF and AI, and previously served as a senior executive in global RF companies, he used his experience and motivation to establish SkyMirr, gathering several friends and colleagues in the industry. Today, SkyMirr’s team is composed of a strong, experienced, senior team, five of which, including Jo, hold PhDs. “We believe that effective wireless communication is a critical element in tackling many of today’s technological challenges. It allows us to establish a vibrant communication system without requiring fiber optics and other material resources. It also helps developing economies to grow faster through innovative solutions in energy, biomedicine, and communications,” Jo says.

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Industrial expert in sales and manufacturing. Founder and President of QuantumFlo, Inc. a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced, variable speed controlled, packaged pump systems for commercial plumbing, HVAC, municipal, irrigation and industrial market applications. QuantumFlo’s innovative technologies are the most energy efficient and sustainable technologies in the world. Advisory board chairman in GrowFL. BS in Business Administration from U of South Florida



Telecommunication/Mobile Expert, experienced CTO of Mobile Carriers in Japan and contributed as a technical advisor for US T-1 carrier. He is a senior telecom advisor and sits on the board of the MulteFire Alliance. He was with Sprint as a technical advisor for the CTO. Prior to Softbank, he was formerly VP of Softbank’s Solution Strategy Office, CTO & Board of Directors at Wireless City Planning and EVP/CTO at WILLCOM. Prior to these roles, he spent 20 years at KDDI in Japan. BA in Physics from Ibaraki University.



An award-winning computer scientist, entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. He serves as President and Chief Scientist of Gemedy and Managing Director of Reified and has taught at Harvard and MIT. He has founded, advised, and invested in 27 technology companies with a combined valuation of over $850 million. He is a contributing author of the New York Times Science Bestseller, “This Idea Must Die,” and the Amazon #1 New Release, “What to Think About Machines That Think.“ Ph.D. in Physics from Harvard University and S.B. in ECE from MIT.



Empowering Business to Succeed, Don is an industry expert in Finance, Business, and Operation. He has years of experience studying retail and hemp, CBD & cannabis industry trends, Partner in 2Go Advisory Group, President of, Former chairman in Vistage Worldwide, Inc. BS from UC Berkeley. 



Board Director, Executive and Advisor in Strategy, Global Governance and Business Transformation and award-winning developer of CASCADE® and Board Bona Fide® management tools. Founder of Boardwise, Inc., leading research and education on governance best practices. She holds Ph.D. and M.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and serves as adjunct professor in Business and Governance.


VP of Sales and PM, Korea

Over 25 years of sales and project management experiences in RF/Antenna industries. Previously Carl serviced global top tier companies such as SkyCross, LGE, ePlus in leadership positions including regional manager, Sales VP, and General manager. Received Masters dgree in Electrical Engineering from Florida Tech. 


Chief Financial Officer

Bob bring to SkyMirr his deep executive experience, having served as CFO and sometimes COO for two decades, raising funds and commercializing technologies. He deals with the complex integration of the regulatory, clinical, reimbursement, manufacturing, sales and marketing requirements for launching products and quickly growing revenue.

He earned his degree in economics and industrial engineering from Stanford and served in the Marines in Viet Nam. While on duty, he took a mail order course about Security Analysis and immediately set his goal to become an investment banker or security analyst. Early on, he was interested in math, numbers, and solving complex puzzles so the stock market with a strong sense of competition guided his professional interest in finance. With that in mind, he attended Columbia’s MBA program, with a focus of finance and accounting and worked on early programming tools that are the foundation of what we know as excel tools today.

He joined GAF Corporation, a billiondollar revenue conglomerate, where he designed and drove a plan resulting in a sale of 30% of the company, significant profitability increases, 40% boost in stock price and his promotion to CFO. Next, he became Treasurer of Mead Corporation, a $4 billion revenue company with a high floating debt position at 13% interest rates during a recession in the paper industry. He secured creative, sizable funding of $3 billion+in 6 years, along with several large acquisitions.

A collaborative leader who likes to work with people and support others, Bob contributes his financial expertise and analytical problem-solving approaches to help clients achieve their goals. A resilient and active man, Bob enjoystime with his family, cycling and Zumba classes for a life of full-expression.


Chief Scientist

Over 30 years of experience in RF/Antenna/Medical areas as an academic/industrial leader such as Professor of Soonchunhyang University, Senior researcher in LGE, and Chairman of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System), the honored academic institute in Korea. 

Prior experiences include:

  • 1978-1987 : Gold Star Precision Co. LTD (Senior Eng. in Central LAB) – R&D for RADARs, Guided missile system, Antennas and RF devices
  • 1990-2021 : Professor, Dept of IT engineering, SoonChunHyang university, South Korea
  • 1992-1994 : Researcher, KASI (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute) – Design for mmw horn antenna
  • 2000-2004 : TEO, Nissi Telecomm Co. LTD – R&D for mobile antennas
  • 2021-current : Emeritus professor, SoonChunHynag university, South Korea

Ph.D. in Electronic Communication Engineering from Hanyang University. Published over 316 papers and 34 patents.


Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

Mr. Kerry Greer is a highly driven, results-oriented Executive. Prior to joining SkyMirr, he used to be in senior executive positions in Technology Companies such as Globalstar, L3Harris Communications, and ACR Electronics, with over 30 years of experience leading R&D, Business Development, Product Development, volume Manufacturing, and Sales/Marketing teams in the wireless telecommunications industry. 

Over 10 patents for RF/antenna and communication systems design. MBA and MSEE from University of Florida


Co-Founder and Board Chairman

Over 30 years of experience in executive roles in IT/Display/Wireless Industries. An industry leader in business development/fundraising/startups. Currently CEO of NanoPhotonica, Operating Partner in Orchid Black, and Member of Orlando Tech Council.

He launches and accelerates the profitable growth of companies by creatively mapping technology to successful business models and market / customer penetration strategies, by leveraging industry partnerships, and by securing institutional and strategic investment.

His specialties are on Company vision, strategy and business planning

  • Corporate equity and debt financing -over $85M from leading VCs and private equity firms
  • Global operational planning and execution
  • Global team development
  • Global mergers & acquisitions
  • Global Tier 1 customer acquisition and retention
  • Technical innovation and realization

Ph.D. in Communication Systems from University of Pennsylvania


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Over 25 years of experience in RF/antenna technology and operations management. Various executive/technical positions including CEO, CTO, COO, VP and President for industry leading companies such as Taoglas, SkyCross, Samsung Electronics, etc.

Dr. Jo is a perfect leader to grow the RF Company. He majored antennas/RF technology in his Ph.D. and has deep knowledge in RF technology and products.

Prior to founding SkyMirr, Dr. Jo served Taoglas, as a global VP of Operation where he achieved significant improvements in project/product management, cost reduction, supply chain management, shipping, quality control, and others.

In his early career, he was one of the founding members of SkyCross, a Florida based start-up. He served the company as VP, COO, and eventually CEO, where he was able to grow it to one of the global leading RF companies with six hundred employees, and have business with global top-tier customers. 

He owns over 35 patents for antenna and RF system design. Dr. Jo received Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Florida Tech, BE from Korea University.