5G Adaptive antenna array technology


  • mmWave implies the high frequency bands from 30 to 300 GHz. 5G uses mmWave which includes frequencies at 28GHz and 48 GHz ranges.
  • mmWave is significantly affected by objects (walls, windows, etc.) or the environment around it due to it’s short wavelength.
  • In order to reduce the negative effects, a new antenna array system with special subsystem and polarization has been invented. The new patent-pending array shows far better radiation performance than traditional antenna arrays

MIMO technology

Patent issued

  • The use of multiple antennas may lead to a coupling effect interference between the antennas, which may result in signal distortion or cancellation and hence deterioration of signal reception sensitivity.
  • In order to reduce the coupling effect and prevent signals emitted from each antenna from having effect on other antennas, isolation has to be increased. The traditional way is to separate the antennas by a predetermined distance, which is not desirable for most applications due to size limitation.
  • SkyMirr has developed unique technology to reduce the interference between antenna elements, thereby improving the radiation performance significantly.

Medical device technology

Multiple Patents-pending

  • Unique methodology to treat severe diseases using RF technology.
  • More information will be available per individual request.